About Us

In pursuit of this we meet, we collect, we engage the community. 
Meeting Schedule
January through July: every 3rd Thursday we meet at 7 pm in the maintenance offices of Vulcan Materials on Patterson Street in Winston-Salem.. Meetings begin with hobby related presentations, followed by field trip and business discussions. Field trips are typically held the Saturday after the meetings subject to weather, holidays or other unforeseen factors. 
In August we forego our usual schedule, instead having an indoor auction to fund hobby related scholarships to the Sawtooth Center, in downtown Winston Salem. Additionally, we hold a picnic to gather and make grab bags for the upcoming show. 
In September we hold our annual show the weekend following Labor Day. This is our opportunity to share our love of rocks, fossils, gemstones,jewelry and jewelry making.  We then follow up the show with a meeting on the 3rd Thursday, as normal. Our Sept field trip is to collect Fairy Stones. The September activities are to engage the community and welcome new members. 
October and November we return to our normal schedule, featuring hobby related presentations and field trips the Saturday following the meeting (weather permitting). 
December culminates the year with our holiday dinner on meeting night.


Club background

The Forsyth Gem & Mineral Club (FGMC) was established in the early 1970’s as a combination of the Forsyth Mineral Club and the Winston-Salem Gem Club.  FGMC is an active organization with monthly meetings, field trips and a yearly gem show. Our group is diverse in both interests and age, we’re sure you’ll find something to interest you! Come join us!

FGMC members are primarily amateurs, though we do have a couple of “professionals” (geologists, jewelers, and dealers).

We do have a number of members who also participate in gem preparation (cabochon cutting and faceting) and jewelry-making (wire-wrap on other forms), though this is mostly done by individual members.


Courteous Behavior Notice

Recent events have made it pertinent to remind all members of our organization the importance of understanding that actions taken, or in some cases omitted, at Club sponsored functions, are viewed to be an action or inaction sanctioned by the Club. To maintain the favorable and benevolent reputation of our club, it is imperative that all persons we encounter, or properties we visit, in our activities, be treated with courtesy and respect. Club Officers and Directors particularly, have the responsibility to try to deescalate or terminate actions deemed to be offensive or detrimental to the Club’s reputation.  All members should strive to “do no harm” in our endeavors.

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