July Meeting – Thursday, July 20 – 7:30 PM

Time for the monthly meeting.

The program for the meeting will be a talk by Wayne Steinmetz, a member of Southern Appalachian Mineral Society (SAMS) in Asheville. He will present on mineral identification, although the choice of topic was left open.

Wayne Steinmetz earned an AB in chemistry from Oberlin College and an AM and PhD in chemistry from Harvard University. He is a physical chemist whose research focused on the molecular structure and spectroscopy of biologically active compounds. He taught for 37 years at Pomona College and is presently Professor Emeritus of Chemistry. At Pomona, he worked closely with members of its Geology Department. He was also a Boy Scout Leader and earned the Silver Beaver award. Since 1984 he has been a volunteer with the USFS and NPS with an emphasis on the maintenance and construction of hiking trails. He sings in 3 choirs. The focus of his mineral collection is obtaining examples of all 32 crystallographic point groups.

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